This is where I stick all the things I make that aren’t just stories. Things my Ma would put on her fridge, like photos of cakes I’ve made and drawings from my sketch book.

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- My first Album Cover for The Snap Elect’s Mangle Angle Land. Made with bits of wool and cut-out felt.

-This comic sculpture in called ‘3 in a bed’. Itand shows the same girl sleeping besides 2 different boys before finally finding happiness with the third. I’ve used dolls-house beds as ‘panels’ to show the sequential narrative.

-This comic sculpture is entitled Behind The Mirror. It’s my biggest piece in my Sequential Art series to date. You ‘read’ the story by looking at the scenes through the windows from top left to bottom right (as you would read a ‘waffle grid’ comic). It’s about images of women and is also based on the ‘Bloody Mary’ ghost myth (or the 90’s Candyman horror movie if you’re more into popculture!).

-Another piece that explors the definition of comics as from my ‘Sequential Art’.  The frames of a comic are turned into literal ‘frames’ hung on a wall with a story passing between them. It is entitled ‘There you are’, about a girl who journeys through different lands trying to find a place to be.

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-A comic sculpture entitled ‘Death Do Us Part’, about a lady who turns her dead husband into a hat stand. Part of a series of pieces exploring the definition of comics as‘Seqential Art’ .

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- The Mexican Day of The Dead costumes we made for the secret Garden Party festival.

-A reversible doll i made of my sister with her with her alter ego hidden up her skirt.

-comicly proportioned me.

My…um…fan base.

Photo of fans

My finest invention yet: The Surgery Cake © Karrie Fransman 2007with edible intestines and gobbleable guts. Kids’ll love this one…and hopefully some big, corporate cake companies too.

photo of cake photo of cake photo of cake

photo of cake photo of cake

Art work I did on a surfboard (on the left) and a pizza box painting i did (on the right).

art of surfboard

Drawings from my sketch book.