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Observer’s Graphic Novel of The Month

‘The oddball tenants of a shared London house jump off the page in Karrie Fransman’s bleak yet beautiful graphic novel’ Rachel Cooke, The Observer’s Graphic Novel of the month (Read the full article here)

Guardian’s Review of The House That Groaned

‘It’s an enjoyable tale, dark but full of energy, fascinated by the private lives and perversity that bulge beneath suburbia’s facade.’ James Smart, The Guardian (Read the full article here)

Nicolas Roeg Review for The House That Groaned

‘KARRIE FRANSMAN breaks all the rules of storytelling; accumulated over the past thousands of years. She creates a confusion at first, that suddenly bursts into the obvious and simplest fact; that all the stories of, and in our lives, are personal and private. Unlinked and unlike anyone else’s… our DNA. The only way this wonderful ‘Book’ could have been written is by illustration….not by word…..rather like the hidden stories drawn on the walls of caves.’ Nicholas Roeg (director of Don’t look Now and Walkabout)

Metro’s Review of The House That Groaned

‘A brilliant gothic depiction of the atomised nature of city living’ The Metro

Paul Gravett Review for The House That Groaned

‘Oddly macabre and moving at the same time, more absurdist magic realism than gritty kitchen-sink drama, few British debut graphic novels have been as audacious and unsettling as this.’ Paul Gravett (Journalist, Curator, Man at the Crossroads)

Read the full review here: paul-gravetts-review

Guardian article on My Peculiar World

PDF version here: guardian-article

Interview with TV Brussels

Interview with Forbidden Planet International

London College of Communication ‘What Gets you up in the Morning?’

Article in Strip Magazine in Belgium

BBC Radio 4

Legendary director Nicolas Roeg mentions me on BBC radio Four’s Front Row programme- 21 mins in.

Talk Radio Europe of The House That Groaned

Talk Radio Europe Interview

British Council Lecture Report

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Panel Borders radio Interview

Nouse (York Uni’s Newspaper) Interview

PDF version here: nouse-interview

Resonance104.4fm Interview

Red Eye review

Guardian article

Appearance in Thelondonpaper

Bugpowder Interview

Read it in PDF form here: bugpowder-interview

Shortlisted for The Arts Foundation Award


‘Your stuff is clearly drawn by hand, well written and funny!…keep up the good work’ (Steve Bell, Cartoonist)

‘Dear Karrie Fransman, Your strip in The Guardian today (16th. Jan) was spot on, and evidently came from the heart. Kind regards, Leo Baxendale’ (Creator of ‘Minnie The Minx’ and ‘The Bash Street Kids’ in Beno)

‘Tapping into half-remembered legends like the ‘Bloody Mary’ myth, Karrie Fransman transforms each gutted room of her childhood dolls house into a 3D peephole panel of a scary warning of the horror that hides behind the mirror. A tireless experimenter, she pushes the medium into new forms and formats, whether drawings in compositions of different appropriate frames or as crafted figurines acting within miniature sets.’ (Paul Gravett curating ‘That’s Novel: Lifting Comics off the page’ exhibition at londonprintstudio).