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  1. rosie

    I can think of nothing more scarey than a Glaswegian ghost except possibly one from Dunfermline. I most certainly will be buying your book. It sounds full of things I need to know.

  2. rosie

    Nice website. Seems quite a few of these people live on my street.

  3. Andy Ross

    Hi really like your stuff,tried sending better praise via an email but didnt seem to work,is it still in use?

  4. Shiraz E

    Hi! Enjoyed your strip in the Times, although since I am a Guardian reader, I checked each week on here to keep up with it. What’s your next project? I just read In Case A Murderer Comes, and my sister and I also shared rooms when we were younger. In fact, we shared a room all our lives back home, and since there was so much stuff in it, our beds were pushed together as one, so we definitely had a lot of fights about legs and arms! We also scared each other with murderer stories… Isn’t it strange how siblings from totally different families have the same experiences? Keep up the good work!

  5. Barbara

    Wow - just read ‘The Night I Lost my Love’ (all in one go). Wonderful stuff.

  6. Barbara

    Fridays are still not the same - every time I look at boring old Doonesbury I wish you were back in G2. Hope to see your work again sometime!

  7. Steve Lancaster

    This is lovely, lovely work! Especially (especially - repeated for emphasis with voice dropping to serious, respectful tone) the Death Do Us Part piece, which is brave and wonderful and a break-out work. I love your ideas about creative autobiography - and share your passion for the zine world. Q: what do you think of the Hernandez brothers?

  8. Fiona

    Hello, being a life long member of the woodcraft folk and working in a homelessness hostel, i immediately cut out the woodcraft comic strip last summer (15 Aug 08) and stuck it on the fridge. still makes me giggle today. thank you and take care

  9. rosie

    Hello Karrie, A friend told me about you so I googled you. Ha, ha. Wonderful style. I especially like the cake, and all the stories and strips. I have twins in my drawings called Gentlydead and Darklydead. They would like the people in your world too.

  10. Gill & Leigh

    We emailed the Guardian and told them we wanted you reinstated, pity it doesn’t seem to have worked. As with the other comments, it felt as if the cartoons were personally produced for us.
    Hurrah for the web-site!

  11. Athene

    What were the Guardian thinking? Lots of us will miss My Peculiar World. Many thanks for it!

  12. Nooka

    Sorry that you are finished at G2 - your strips echoed my family life so accurately I actually accused one of my sons of drawing them under an elaborate pseudonym…

  13. Peter Phillips

    I’d become addicted to your snapshots of life - ours as well as yours. Particularly liked the apparently gentle humour in a paper which sometimes takes itself ever so seriously. Now that I have found your website, please keep it going. Wishing you peace and joy. Peter

  14. Dave Weir

    Sorry to see that Friday was your last G2… I’ll miss it

  15. Jonathan

    Loved your comic strip. Friday’s Guardian won’t be the same again!

  16. Pete

    Bye Karrie, I shall miss your gentle humour and sideways look at the world. All the very best for the future, I shall be looking out for you

  17. Graham

    Thank you so much for the all-too-many belly laughs you have given me lately. You’re a genius! x

  18. Lindsey

    Hi Karrie,I love your comics and I think you should definatly keep them up. Lindsey

  19. Phil

    Love your news posts…sooo funny. it’s like a behind the scenes DVD extra for your comic strips. Keep them up!

  20. Richard Pettitt

    I like the way your brain works. It’s wired funny.

    The orange lady strip had me in stitches. Keep living the dream of a ten-year-old!


  21. Irene

    Dear Karrie

    Last Friday’s strip cartoon had me crying with laughter. The cheerful grin on the face of the doctor, the “a tad uncomfortable” - at least you didn’t add the usual “try to relax”. As if you can relax when that is being done to you.

    Thank you so much - keep it up, I love the cartoons.

  22. Jackie

    Thanks for the Woodcraft cartoon I have passed it on to both my daughters who went to Woodcraft Folk for just those reasons (on my part and theirs) It made us all laugh.

  23. Mary Platt

    Hi Karrie ,

    I love your work. I don’t know whether I could afford it or even if it’s for sale.
    But if it is how much would the original of the one legged chicken cartoon that’s in todays Guardian (29.08.08)be?

    After all if I don’t ask I certainly won’t get it.

    Love your website - its so great to see someone who is so talented and looks as though they are having fun too.

    Good Luck

  24. Shiraz E

    I LOVED your Woodcraft comic strip last Friday! I also went to Woodcraft Folk when I was little, and my dad jokes that the parent figure at the end is him because it’s exactly what he would have said. Although I never wanted to go to Brownies :D

    Absolutely uncanny!


  25. Henry Care

    Just to say a big thank you for last thursdays (15/8/08) cartoon, it just so happened that about 800 woodcrafers from over the country and internation delegates were on a camp at that time, and news about your cartoon spread quickly, however it was only when i got home i saw it as there were very few copies around. anyway whatever your views on the woodcraft folk are its always good to get a mention in a national newspaper, thanks again :)

  26. Sue F

    Woodie strip made me laugh out loud - on the bus. Had exectly that conversation several times!

  27. Soph

    Cheers for the Woodcraft Folk strip today - I can show it to people and prove I didn’t make it up!

    PS - I never wanted to be in a single sex group and swear my allegiance to the queen or God, mostly because other girls were boring and mean. Our Woodcraft Folk group did have a uniform shirt for special events and to sew badges on to.

  28. Pete

    Wonderful cartoon today. Our 3 children went to Woodcraft - and you got the reason spot on

  29. Anna S

    wow, karrie, your stuff is amazing!! been having such a good time looking through your website - totally awesome. look forward to being able to buy a full-on book in the near-future… xx

  30. Foad

    hey karrie, just stopped in on your website to say hello. Sitting here with mimi giggling at your comics… big love, foad

  31. Euan

    Love the comic strips. Congrats on the Guardian!

  32. Sarah

    I love your comics, especially the one about the baby screaming for trifle.

  33. Anna

    hey. love your work saw it in the guardien the other week and it just made me laugh. xx

  34. Mark

    Congrats on getting in the Guardian! Wishing you loads of success in the future. Mark x

  35. Malcolm

    loved your new strip in the Guardian today,hope it leads to more work for you

  36. Tammy and Martin

    This is wonderful! A black depiction of life under the rainbow. Inspiring.

  37. Tine Kej

    Hi Karrie,

    what a lovely site!
    You inspire me to pull my finger out
    and start making some of all the stuff thats been in my head for ages.

    Take care x
    Tine (Peter’s partner…)

  38. claire montgomery

    So glad to encounter ‘Evesdroppings’ again!

  39. claire montgomery

    Karrie! Am just about to have a browse of your website, so maybe I should wait til I’ve had a good look and can tell you how wonderful it is, but I’m excited, and want to communicate my excitement now!!! Two days ago, I meant to email you and ask if I oculd buy one of oyur comics, and you could mayvbe bring it up to Scotland next month, but now I see you’re posting them for free! Might put in an order though, cos I’d like a hard copy of a couple of things. Anyway, will email you soon. I ‘m going to go now and check out your scribbles.
    Lots of love,
    Claire xxx.

  40. Denise Hicks

    Absolutely love your stuff karrie, despite (and partly because) some of it is quite Horrid.


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